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Update pitfall

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:19 pm
by Prieni
As I had the program window disappear on my 'old' version (SNS-HDR pro) I did download the latest version (following the 'get SNS-HDR pro' link on the WEB site). I like the new version but was shattered when after some hours of work I find the SNS-HDR watermark in all of the images. :shock: :cry:
What a blow.

Only now when looking when I did purchase (Oct 2011) I saw the download link that I got sent.

While it is all very logical once you know, for the unsuspecting user it is a pain in the .... neck. The word (DEMO) in the title bar is a bit too little to make it obvious that you are handling a demo version (again, once you know it is obvious).

How's about a big fat DEMO note in the splash screen when starting?