Equal brightness for an image series.

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Re: Equal brightness for an image series.

Postby Erik Krause » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:20 pm

@Pjotr-One: Read the initial post.
Erik Krause
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Re: Equal brightness for an image series.

Postby Robert Lesac » Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:24 am

Pjotr-One wrote:@Erik:
to avoid different brightness between the images shoot them in manual mode of your camera. In other case your camera takes a new messure with every picture!

He already stated so in the post and elaborated on the problem.

I had similar problems with using SNS in spherical panoramas.
Isolated single color low detail photos, eg, walls, ceilings, sky.
SNS would crack up the noise through the roof on those, especially if they are darker, but neighboring photos would be fine if the had some detail in them. They stand out like a sore thumb in the final panorama, though not as bad as Eriks example.
Tonemapping after stitching involves a different set of problems, IMO even worse.

Doing timelapses I noticed that SNS does tend to exaggerate the noise on darker photos making low light timelapses tricky.

Having options to handle images series would be a boon to panographer and timelapsers.
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Re: Equal brightness for an image series.

Postby Pjotr-One » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:35 pm

Oh damn, my mistake! Then i have no idea how to fix it. Sorry!
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Re: Equal brightness for an image series.

Postby phidias81 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:48 pm

I'm trying to make a panorama from 6 single shot (not bracketed) photos, taken in manual mode, but it looks like SNS HDR 2.1 is still having this problem.
THe resulting images have dfferent brightness and white balance, even though they are batch edited with the same preset and they were taken with the same settings.
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