Memory-Max File Formula

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Memory-Max File Formula

Postby JamesDCrowe » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:06 am

I'm running into some memory limitations with some of my larger HDR Panoramas and was wondering if there was a formula I could use as a rule of thumb for maximum image size and RAM required. For example the formula for Photomatix mapping an EXR/HDR using details enhancer is Megapixels X 18 / 1000 = GB of RAM, or 100 Mega Pixel EXR requires 1.8 GB RAM to process the image.

Also, can someone tell me where SNS-HDR caches it's temp files, I want to make sure I have enough scratch disk space allocated for rendering.

My workflow is to stitch images using PTGUI, usualy a -2/0/+2 bracket, then export an EXR of the merged blend planes, I also export 16bit Tiffs of the individual blend planes. If I am working with a large image (current example 332 Mega Pixel), I will export low-res proxies and tone them in SNS-HDR which all works very well. When I try to process the full 332MP version SNS-HDR crashes.

I'm evaluating the lastest version of SNS-HDR Pro on a 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine, running 8GB RAM on a Core2 Extreme Q9300 @2,53GHz (4 cores), and would like to figure out my limitations before purchasing a full version.

To Sebastian:
I love your software, I am almost always more pleased with the results from SNS-HDR than from any other HDR app I use. Keep up the good work.
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Re: Memory-Max File Formula

Postby zwartespecht » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:52 am

Hi James,

If you search this forum with "memory size formula" and use Google translate you will find the following reply (large font) from Sebastian:
(This time Google translate does a reasonable job....)

More or less:
Height * Width * 60


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Re: Memory-Max File Formula

Postby JamesDCrowe » Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:26 pm

Thanks Kor, very helpful.
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