Help with images slightly different sizes from focus stack

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Help with images slightly different sizes from focus stack

Postby nathanm » Sun Aug 21, 2022 10:22 pm

I make focus stacked HDR images, but I have a problem with SNS.

I take multiple frames at different focus points (from 2 to 100) at one exposure, then I change exposures and repeat. I typically do 5 exposure levels.

I then focus stack the multiple frames for each exposure using Helicon focus ... con-focus/ . This gives me one focus stacked picture for each exposure level. I then create an HDR with SNS.

Usually this works, but sometimes Helicon Focus will create a file that has slightly different dimensions. In a recent problem case, out of 5 focus stacked pictures at different exposures, three of them were 5998 x 4000, and two were 6000 x 4000. I am asking the Helicon people why, but it appears to be some automatic cropping after alignment of the images.

SNS refuses to make an HDR image because the images are different sizes.

This is probably meant to be a way to avoid errors, but it is not really necessary. SNS has an option to align the images, which I use. If the images are aligned they may well be off by more than 2 pixels, so the final HDR will be cropped by a few pixels, even if the original files are the same size.

Is there any setting to allow SNS to accept minor differences in size like this?

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Re: Help with images slightly different sizes from focus sta

Postby Sebastian Nibisz » Mon Aug 22, 2022 7:37 am

Images with different dimensions cannot be merged at this time. You need to crop larger images.
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