Stange alignment problem

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Stange alignment problem

Postby Juergen » Thu Jul 22, 2021 10:17 pm

I recently started to try out PureRAW by DxO to turn RAW files into DNGs. Although this is slow and produces rather large files, so far I like the results. In particular, PureRAW utilizes DxO's large database about camera/lens combinations to correct lens-errors. However, when I tried to re-do some 5-image HDRs (handheld in this case) with SNS from these DNGs, I noticed that the images were now misaligned. Actually, the alignment seems to vary across the picture, ok in some parts and worse in other parts; its rather strange. I had been hoping for better results than before... Obviously, this is not an SNS-problem, but before possibly approaching DxO about this, maybe Sebastian (or somebody else) has an idea what might be be going on here. Unfortunately, the example JPEGs are already 19 resp. 16 MB, while the original raw files are roughly 50 MB (Canon 5D Mk IV), the DNGs produced by PureRAW are about 130 MB, while the merged tiffs are about 180 MB, so I didn't want to include them here directly.

-- Jürgen
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Re: Stange alignment problem

Postby Sebastian Nibisz » Fri Jul 23, 2021 6:35 am

SNS-HDR does not always align the images correctly. Try to align the images in different software to rule out SNS errors.
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